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Cowork at The Space

Beyond the rustic walls and industrial vibe, The Space is beyond excited to provide a venue for you to Create, Connect, Collaborate … and ultimately, Cowork. 

From side gig to CEO.  Or even a busy parent carving time out on the weekend to finally jumpstart your dreams. 

Ready to learn more about being a part of The Space? Sign up and we'll send you the details! 

About The Space

In 1919, The Palace was built as a community theater.
Known locally as the home of Valhalla and Baja Grill.
Both a cultural and culinary experience like none other. 

And now that you know the place.

It's time for you to officially meet - The Space
Central Arkansas' newest Coworking Venue!

With deep roots in community and connectedness.
Our vision at The Space is to provide an open door for you to design your tomorrow.

A space to build your team.
To engage in continuous learning. 
And to work alongside other dream-builders, who are just like you. 


Sign up to stay tuned for more updates and The Space's official launch date ... tentatively January 2023!

Historic Palace Building in Benton
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